Alliance condemns attack on Polish men

ALLIANCE representative for East Londonderry Yvonne Boyle has condemned an attack on three Polish men who were then robbed in Coleraine yesterday evening.

Ms Boyle, who as a social worker in the health service taught anti-racist practice, said:

“It seems as though there are few places left where people from minority communities can feel really safe, and I condemn this sickening attack without reservation.

“Poland is now part of the EU family, and that means workers from there have every right to seek employment here.

“Unfortunately, efforts to tackle racism by the authorities so far have been fairly token, with plenty of words and little action. Equally, the response of some of our civic leaders to the rise in racism has been less than encouraging.

“We need to see some real leadership from the Council, the police and other authorities, before someone gets killed. Sadly, Coleraine has not been immune to the rise in racism.

“I would call on local leaders from across the political spectrum to unite against racism, and to publicly state their opposition to these attacks. This is particularly important in Coleraine, where racists have tried to organise in the past.

“The community also has a role to play, by welcoming people from outside Northern Ireland, and by standing by them if they are a victim of intimidation or violence.”

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