Alliance condemn Devlin murder

Newtownabbey Alliance Councillor and Deputy Lord Mayor, Mr. Jim Rooney, has expressed his “revulsion” at last Friday’s murder of Mr. Gerry Devlin at St. Edna’s GAA club in Glengormely.

Alderman Rooney said the “vicious” slaying of Mr. Devlin had brought unnecessary pain and anguish to the popular GAA man’s family.

The Alliance Councillor said: “I utterly condemn this awful murder which has brought so much pain and suffering to the family of Mr. Devil. The people of Glengormley are united in their expression of total disgust against this evil and sectarian deed.

“The horrific nature of this ghastly act has numbed the people of Glengormley and Belfast. It came at a time when Mr. Devlin’s family were preparing for Christmas and now their world has been turned upside down by this vile act.

“This is a killing of an innocent man and I would urge anyone with information about the crime to contact the police immediately. It’s imperative that whoever was involved in the murder should be brought to justice immediately.

“The killing is also particularly alarming at a time when politicians at Stormont are attempting to formulate a peace settlement for all our people. We cannot allow those from outside the democratic process to prevent us from moving forward.”

Alderman Rooney added: “I want to extend my deepest sympathies to Mr. Devlin’s wife and to his two children. And I know that the people of Glengormley will support them in their time of need.”


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