Alliance Coleraine Councillor further blasts Giants’ Causeway decision

Alliance Coleraine Councilor Barney Fitzpatrick has added further condemnation of the DUP Ministers’ decision over the visitor’s centre at the Giants’ Causeway.

The Coleraine Councillor said: “I am deeply concerned over the proposal to hand over the tourist centre at the Giant’s Causeway to the private sector.

“The Giant’s Causeway is Northern Ireland’s number one tourist attraction and I find worrying that the Executive in Stormont has effectively washed its hand of such a valuable commodity. This would amount to handing over the family silver.

“We can not let the tourist centre for Northern Ireland’s biggest global attraction fall out of the hands of the public sector which would have the best interests of the public in mind.

“It is also disgraceful that the two DUP Ministers have made statements on the new visitors centre before the Assembly debate has even taken place, our local MLAs should have been given more of a say in the matter.

“The statement made by Seymour Sweeney of his links to the DUP do little to reassure the public about the nature of this decision.”


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