Alliance challenges parties’ commitment against sectarianism

The Alliance candidate for North Antrim today challenged her Westminster rivals to clarify their stance on sectarianism.

Jayne Dunlop, who is also standing for local council in Ballymena North, stated: “Voters have a right to know how candidates are going to tackle the main social issue in our society, namely sectarianism.

“Over the last few years the voting patterns of nationalists and unionists have been turning towards the extremes with the DUP and Sinn Fein being the chief beneficiaries. Many would argue that maintaining an undercurrent of sectarianism suits their ends. So I would like to know what plans they have to bring power sharing, democracy and an end to sectarianism to North Antrim.

“To date I have seen little sign that they want to move away from a divided society and both nationalist and unionist camps are keen to only condemn events that are against their community. If we are to defeat sectarianism then we must condemn it whether it is unionist against nationalist or nationalist against unionist. In addition attacks within communities and against those of other nationalities must be stopped.

“Most people want to live in a society free from violence, racism and sectarianism. Turning a blind eye to any of these ‘isms’ is not the answer.”


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