Alliance challenges Executive to cut carbon dioxide emissions

Alliance Sustainability Spokesperson Cllr Alan Lawther has thrown down the gauntlet to the Executive to act to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Northern Ireland by setting strict targets. His call comes following news that Friends of the Earth Director Tony Juniper is today visiting Northern Ireland to ask politicians to act on this matter.

Alan Lawther, who is a Councillor in Antrim, said: “The Executive needs to make tangible moves to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Targets for reductions in emissions need to be set by the Executive as soon as possible, to ensure that there are figures to work towards in this area.

“As the Opposition in the Assembly, Alliance will be piling the pressure on the Executive to act to cut these emissions.

“I strongly welcome the intervention from Friends of the Earth Director Tony Juniper who will today be calling on the Executive to act on this matter.

“There can be absolutely no excuse for the Executive not setting targets towards cutting carbon dioxide emissions. It, and that parties involved in it, have a lot to do to convince local people that they are serious about taking action to combat climate change.

“The Executive has a duty to everyone, as our regional government, to do all they can to protect the environment. Alliance will continue to keep the pressure on them to do so.”


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