Alliance: Cautious welcome for IRA apology

Alliance Deputy Leader and Victims Spokesperson Eileen Bell has given a guarded welcome to the IRA apology to some victims of IRA violence. She described it as a “positive step towards building greater confidence in the peace process”.

Mrs Bell stated: “This is an important gesture of reconciliation at a delicate stage of the peace process.”

“An apology can never bring victims of violence back, but it is important that we all continue to make progress towards a normal society where all violence is a distant memory.”

“While I hope this is the IRA’s way of beginning to say that the war is over, there is still a real need for it to fully acknowledge the pain caused to all victims, including members of the security forces.”

“The IRA should also demonstrate its bona fides regarding the durability of their ceasefire. That means ensuring units take no further part in violence, and work towards a situation whereby the IRA can begin to disband.”


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