Alliance calls for special council Meeting to deal with Robinson Centre Closure

The Alliance Party group on Castlereagh Borough Council has called for a special Council meeting following the closure of the Robinson Centre following the discovery of asbestos.

The move comes after the centre was closed due to the discovery of a number of unidentified areas of asbestos highlighted in a survey in a previously unrecorded and difficult to access area of the facility.

The centre will remain closed as a precautionary measure, until the full results of the survey are known.

Alderman Geraldine Rice said: “Following the closure of the centre, our group have asked the Chief Executive to call a special meeting of the Council to discuss this matter. We recognise that this closure is only precautionary and that materials containing asbestos, are commonly found in buildings of a similar age, and if monitored properly will present negligible risks.”

Councillor Michael Long added, “Alliance has raised concerns about the lack of ongoing repairs to this facility for many years so it is disappointing to hear that despite our calls this discovery has only been made now. “It is important to have a full and open discussion about this closure so that we can find out how long the facility will be closed and the likely impact on both staff and users.”

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