Alliance calls for police assurances on home attacks against elderly

Alliance Deputy Leader Eileen Bell has said she accepts the police is doing all it can to counter attacks against elderly people in their own homes.

After forming part of the Alliance Party delegation that met Chief Constable Sir Hugh Orde this afternoon, the North Down MLA stated: “A priority at the meeting was the seek assurances on police action about attacks against elderly people in the home.”

The circumstances are similar each time – the victim usually lives in a remote area, and is therefore vulnerable. The Chief Constable fully accepted that it should not be the case that people have to turn their homes into a fortress to remain safe. I am assured his officers are taking this extremely seriously, and taking action through patrols and education to counter it.

It is one thing for vulnerable people not to feel safe on the streets, but when they do not even feel safe in their own home we have reached a truly unacceptable position. I am sure the police and the relevant justice agencies understand this.


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