Alliance calls for people to have their say on Tesco proposal for Rosetta Bar site

Alliance Castlereagh Councillors Michael Long and Carole Howard have called on local people to have their say on a proposed Tesco at the old Rosetta Bar site on Rosetta Road.

In recent days Alliance has delivered hundreds of letters to local residents to let them know about the proposal and attended a meeting on the matter in Cregagh Community Centre on Tuesday night, organised by the Cregagh Community Association.

Councillor Michael Long said: “Unfortunately, the proposal is not subject to a change of use application but we may not have known about Tesco’s plans until building work began if they hadn’t submit two planning applications for an ATM and for a new shop front.

“Having discussed the proposal with many local people in the past fortnight, it was clear that most were unaware of it and so we distributed leaflets in the area and would encourage local people to have their say.”

Councillor Carole Howard added: “Already local businesses have expressed their concerns about the impact that the proposal may have upon them whilst residents have told us about worries about car parking, traffic and possible disruption with deliveries.

“We hope to discuss the proposal with Tesco directly and would encourage anyone with concerns to write directly to the Planning Service.”

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