Alliance calls for clarity on Public Accounts

The Alliance Party has reacted to comments by DUP MP Gregory Campbell by calling for assurances that, as in any other democracy, the Executive will not be held to account by one of its own parties’ members.

Responding to comments made on RTÉ’s Questions and Answers programme, Lagan Valley MLA Trevor Lunn stated: “We accept Gregory Campbell’s view that a strong, stable Government requires a strong, stable Opposition, and this has formed part of our party’s policy for many years.

“However, he must ensure his words are turned into actions. The last Assembly saw the nonsense that the public was expected to trust parties in the Executive to hold themselves to account on the Public Accounts Committee. This cannot go on in a democracy.

“The logical progression of the DUP’s position is that the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee cannot be held by a member of an Executive party whose spending is being examined. The Committee exists to ensure that the public can hold the Executive to account for the money it spends on our behalf. That requires an Opposition Chair as is the case in London, Dublin, Edinburgh and just about any other functioning democracy.”


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