Alliance calls for Castlereagh Council to meet Ulster Hospital Chief Executive over Emergency Department concerns

The Alliance Party have successfully proposed that Castlereagh Borough Council requests a meeting with the Chief Executive of the Ulster Hospital to discuss their concerns about problems at the Ulster Hospital’s Emergency Department and its ability to cope with increased admissions over recent months and reports of increased waiting times. The call was made after the Council responded to the consultation on the proposed permanent closure of the City Hospital Emergency Department expressing concerns about the impact it would have on the Ulster.

Cllr Michael Long said:”Over recent months many constituents have contacted us to tell us of their experiences at the Emergency Department at the Ulster and, in particular, the long waiting times for treatment even for serious conditions. Following a recent meeting with the Belfast Trust, it became clear that the level of admissions at the Ulster has increased at a greater rate than expected and we expressed our concerns about the impact of the permanent closure of the City’s Emergency Department would have on the Ulster.

“Councillors are concerned that measures needed to increase capacity at the Ulster are not yet in place and yet the closure of the City is still being advocated at this time. We have now asked for a meeting with the Chief Executive of the Ulster to ask how they intend to deal with the increasing problems and to relate examples of the many distressing stories that we have heard from local people who feel that the service is under great pressure and is not delivering for them.

“We will be seeking reassurances that any necessary resources will be committed to ensure that the problems of long waiting times are addressed and we are looking forward to receiving a positive reply to our meeting request.”


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