Alliance calls for action on equal pay

The Alliance Party has called on the Equality Commission to target the issue of disparity in pay between men and women after a recent national survey showed that women in Northern Ireland were at the bottom of the earnings league table. The survey was prepared by the Chartered Institute of Remuneration Economics and is its 32nd annual national management survey.

Party spokesman Cllr Tom Campbell said:

“The conclusions of this national survey are deeply disappointing. Given that legislation to outlaw sex discrimination in the workplace was introduced nearly thirty years ago this survey makes bleak reading. Out of a survey of over 20,000 employees of over 200 companies, women are still being considerably underpaid against their male counterparts. Female managers earning £35,385 per year are apparently earning £8,315 less than males at the same level.

“The issue of fair employment is crucial to address but there are other areas where discrimination occurs that are equally important. The Equality Commission has a legal remit to seek to address such injustices and I call on the Commission to urgently prioritise the issue of equal pay in the workplace. Where there is available evidence of disparity in pay and benefits between men and women employed in similar duties an example must be made of the employers concerned so that the message can be received loud and clear.”


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