Alliance brings shared education debate to Assembly

Alliance Education Spokesperson Trevor Lunn MLA has put the hot topic of the need for more shared education on the Assembly agenda on Tuesday. He is proposing a motion to the Assembly calling for the Education Minister to recognise the social, economic and educational benefits of both shared and integrated education

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “Peter Robinson threw everyone a curveball when he said he wanted to see our children being education together. While I was annoyed at his alienation of the CCMS, I was pleased to see him finally coming round to the Alliance way of thinking regarding the need to tackle segregation in our society.

“Talk about shared education now needs to be followed up by action from all parties in the Executive. Alliance is committed to increasing the level of both shared and integrated education and we want other parties to follow the lead we have provided on this issue for decades.

“The Oxford Economics report shone a light on the savings that could be made were shared education the standard model, and it highlighted what Alliance has been saying for years on the need to tackle division in our schools system.

“The debate that Alliance has brought to the floor of the Assembly today gives politicians a chance to show they are serious about making saving and improving community relations. We must all take this opportunity to send out the strongest message that Northern Ireland is moving forward as a shared, confident and prosperous society.”



Here is the motion to be debated on Tuesday 23 November:

Motion – Integrated and Shared Education

That this Assembly notes the report by Oxford Economics ‘Developing the Case for Shared Education’; believes that the current education system is unsustainable; recognises the economic, educational and social benefits that can come from integrated and shared education; and calls on the Minister of Education to actively promote a system of integrated and shared education throughout Northern Ireland.

Mr T Lunn Mr C Lyttle Dr S Farry

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