Alliance blasts water privatisation move

Alliance East Londonderry Representative, Cllr Barney Fitzpatrick, has expressed concern that the establishment on 1st April 2007 of the government owned company – Northern Ireland Water Limited – is the first step towards privatisation of the provision of water and sewerage services.

Councillor Fitzpatrick said: “Access to water is a basic right which the Government has a responsibility to provide for all its citizens. The ‘skimming off ‘ of profits for private investors is in nobody’s interest, least of all the more vulnerable members of our society. Alliance has pledged to protect the water rights of all our citizens.

“It is wrong that the Government should hand over responsibility for the provision of such a basic necessity to the whim of private investors who are solely interested in making a fast buck with no concern for the health and welfare of the people of Northern Ireland.

“We only have to look at the history of water privatisation in other parts of the UK to see that it has totally failed to provide a reliable service. Water privatisation will simply line the pockets of directors of the water companies – this will be their main priority, not improving the service.

“When the new Executive take over on 8th May, they must look at all the options for maintaining our water and sewerage services to the highest standards and ensure that these standards are met in the most efficient manner possible.

“It defies all logic that privatisation would be the preferred option.”


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