Alliance blasts government for awarding green grants to only a third of applicants

Antrim Alliance Councillor Alan Lawther has condemned the government for only awarding one in three applicants with energy efficiency grants. Alan Lawther also rebuked Government for being unable to explain why two thirds of application had been turned down. The grant, which helps homeowners install green energy systems, was launched on 24 July, and to date only 186 of the 514 applicants have been successful.

Cllr Alan Lawther said: “Its disgraceful that the government has not made the most of the public’s obvious enthusiasm for this scheme. Its appalling that only one third of grant applicants were successful and that the government cannot even give reasons why so many applications were turned down.

“This scheme is of paramount local importance in the battle to protect the environment, because the use of greener energy systems in homes will greatly cut down on harmful emissions. People that want to use green energy systems in their house must be encouraged to do so, and this scheme must provide an incentive to those people.

“The bureaucratic hurdles to installing green energy systems at home are prohibitive and need to be removed. If its not difficult enough gaining planning permission for something like a solar panel, the government makes it even harder by awarding grant to only a small proportion of applicants.

“The government has promised to make £8 million available for this scheme over two years, and I hope that the they will ensure that those interested in the project are not put off it by the low success rate of applications and by the government’s inability to provide reasons for refusal.”


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