Alliance backs residents on Gilnahirk Right of Way

East Belfast Alliance representatives Naomi Long MLA and Cllr. Judith Cochrane have expressed their continuing support for the need to retain the right of way between Gilnahirk Avenue and Gilnahirk Road. The developer of a site linked to 83a Gilnahirk Road has applied for the extinguishment of the right of way. Alliance had previously led opposition to the original application and had cited concerns about the possible impact on the right of way and will also oppose new plans for that site.

The draft order to extinguish the right of way is to be discussed at a public local inquiry to be held at Braniel Community Centre, Warren Grove at Thursday 8th November 2007 at 10.00am.

Cllr. Naomi Long said, “We continue to support the retention of the right of way as many people use it to access local amenities such as the library and primary school as well as shops and the bus stop. Without it residents, especially the elderly and those with children, would face major inconvenience in reaching local services.

Cllr. Judith Cochrane added, “Alliance highlighted our concerns about the future of this right of way when the original planning application for 83a Gilnahirk Road was brought forward. This was one of many reasons why we opposed the original application and we were bitterly disappointed when it was approved.

“I would encourage as many local people as possible to attend the inquiry and have their say on why the right of way should be retained. We are disappointed that the meeting will not be held closer to the affected area and would ask anyone who needs transport to the Community Centre to contact us at 90472004 and we will be happy to help. Local people can rely on Alliance to back their demands to retain this vital public amenity.”


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