Alliance backs Rangers’ bid to kick sectarianism out of football

Alliance Sport Spokesperson, Cllr Michael Long, has backed a move by Rangers football club to banish sectarian chanting from the terraces. Rangers football club have announced that they will use traditional songs in a bid to stop sectarian chanting. Following a similar initiative launched by Linfield this week, Cllr Long has renewed his calls for the introduction of legislation to make the singing of sectarian songs a criminal offence.

Cllr. Michael Long: “I welcome Rangers’ initiative to kick sectarian songs off their terraces and I am glad Linfield launched a similar campaign this week also.

“Whilst it is encouraging that clubs are making efforts to stop sectarian chants, I would call on government to introduce the Football Offences Act in Northern Ireland to eradicate all forms of racist and sectarian intimidation at football grounds.”

Michael Long concluded: “Alliance has been calling for this measure for several years, as we feel that clubs and the IFA deserve legislative support in their efforts to eradicate sectarianism in local football.”


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