Alliance backs new speed cameras and calls for change in public attitudes

Alliance Party Regional Development spokesperson, Kieran McCarthy, supports today’s government announcement of the installation of a new high-tech speed camera system on the Newry to Belfast road. The camera system called Specs will use digital safety cameras in pairs to monitor drivers’ average speed between two points on the road. Mr McCarthy has however, stated the need for public attitudes towards speeding to change in order to improve road safety.

The Strangford Assembly Member said: “I am glad to see that the government has launched this new type of speed camera on the Belfast to Newry road. I welcome any efforts to improve road safety, and speeding is one of the major causes of traffic accidents.

“If these cameras help in reducing speed on this road, I would hope that they are introduced elsewhere to improve road safety in other parts of Northern Ireland. Its good to see that this new system can monitor speeds over longer distances, so hopefully it will be effective in deterring people from speeding.

“There is a high incidence of road accidents in Northern Ireland, and any measures which will cut this tragic figure are to be welcomed. The public also needs to change their attitude towards speeding. People need to slow down and wise up. In the same way as it has become socially unacceptable to drink and drive, speeding must also be seen by the public as unacceptable.

Kieran McCarthy concluded: “Government needs to do everything in its power to reduce the death toll on our roads, and hopefully the Specs camera system can help do this by helping eradicate speeding.”


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