Alliance backs moves to aid asthma sufferers

ALLIANCE Assembly member and Health Spokesperson Kieran McCarthy has lent his support to the Asthma UK Northern Ireland’s campaign to raise awareness about asthma.

At an event to launch the Asthma Attack information card at the Stormont Hotel today, Mr McCarthy said: “For people with asthma to be able to control their condition, they need to identify what triggers off their symptoms. It is also important that when someone has an asthma attack that anyone trying to assist them does not panic and helps them properly.

“This new Asthma Attack card provides vital information that could save lives, and I am happy to endorse such a worthwhile effort to raising awareness about this all too widespread condition.

“Sadly, smoking is one of the most common triggers for an asthma attack. I have already sponsored a successful motion in Ards Borough Council calling for legislation to ban smoking in public places. If such a move were introduced here, it would mean everyone, but particularly asthma, would be able to breathe a little more easily.”

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