Alliance attacks Ards DUP Councillors’ plan to sell coastline and playground land

Strangford Alliance Assembly Member, Kieran McCarthy, has hit out at DUP Ards Councillors’ plans to sell off stretches of coastline and other important public spaces to property developers.

The Ards Councillor said: “The DUP Ards Councillors’ proposal to sell off important pieces of public land is an absolute disgrace.

“The land which could go up for sale includes coastal areas around the Shore Road in Donaghadee. Ards Council is supposed to be promoting tourism in its area, but this move will be a massive blow to the local tourist industry, as the coastline is a big attraction for visitors.

“I want to see our coastline preserved and the local environment protected, therefore this land must be kept in public ownership.

“The council also proposes to sell off a playground in Portaferry, which is used by many local children. This is a despicable move because it is of paramount importance that the Council retains amenities for young children in the area.

“Ards Council is meeting on 23 August to decide on the issue, and I am doing everything in my power to stop this disgraceful sell off of land owned by the public.

“The DUP in Ards wants the land sold so that it can be turned into building sites for property developers.”

Kieran McCarthy concluded: “I call on all Ards Councillors to do the right thing on Wednesday 23 August and throw out this ridiculous proposal.”


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