Alliance asks why Bryson can determine the location of Saturday’s protest but not end it

Alliance Justice Spokesperson Stewart Dickson MLA has asked why Jamie Bryson cannot call off Saturday’s flag protest if he is able to influence its location.

Mr Bryson said that the demonstration at Belfast City Hall will be moved to Police Headquarters in East Belfast to avoid clashing with a commemoration of the deaths of two soldiers near Royal Avenue in Belfast 25 years ago.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “This statement from Jamie Bryson demonstrates that he does not just speak on behalf of the protesters but is also directing them.

“He said previously that the people own the protests and that he has little control over them, but this development proves that this is not true.

“By deciding the location of Saturday’s protest, Mr Bryson has declared his ownership and responsibility. If he can change the location then why can’t he end it completely?

“These demonstrations should stop immediately. They have brought months of violence, disruption and damage to our economy and are increasing tension and fear. The overwhelming majority of the public wants them to cease.”


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