Alliance asks Mike Nesbitt whether he would vote No to Hillsborough

Strangford Alliance Westminster Candidate Deborah Girvan has asked Mike Nesbitt to publicly clarify whether he would agree with his UUP colleagues and vote no to the Hillsborough deal.

Deborah Girvan said: “I think the public deserve to know whether Mike Nesbitt would also vote against the Hillsborough Agreement. Does he believe in the tired, negative dogma of the Ulster Unionists or does he want to present a positive future for Northern Ireland, with an Assembly that delivers and a stable peace process?

“People are angry with the Ulster Unionists and they want answers.

“The Ulster Unionists try to differentiate between their Assembly team and the UCUNF link. They simply cannot do this. There are one and the same and the public deserve to know whether their high profile new candidates agree with their party’s decision.”


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