Alliance appeals to all MLAs to speak out against ‘devastating’ health budget

Alliance Health spokesperson Kieran McCarthy MLA has called on MLAs from all parties, inside and outside of the Executive to voice their real concerns about the budget’s negative impact on the health service. His comments follow the Chief Medical Officer Dr Michael McBride’s revelations that up to 45,000 older women will miss out on breast cancer screening until 2010, and that bowel cancer screening will also be affected.

The Opposition MLA said: “It is devastating to hear that this budget will mean that up to 45,000 older women will not receive breast screening until 2010. When someone as highly respected as the Chief Medical Officer reveals these shocking details, everyone including the Executive, has to sit up and take notice.

“The Assembly simply cannot sit by and let the rug be ripped from under the feet of our NHS. MLAs from all parties must voice their concerns for the sake of our health service.

“This is a real slash and burn budget. It will cut right into the heart of our health service and leave local people the real losers from it. The most vulnerable people in our society will be the one who will be hit hardest.

“Alliance has been leading the way in pointing out the serious flaws in the Programme for Government and Budget, and we will continue to act as a watchdog for the people’s interests. We will not rest until our vital services get the assistance they so richly deserve.”


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