Alliance appalled at Coleraine school being ‘targeted’ after Ruane visit

Coleraine Alliance Councillor Barney Fitzpatrick has blasted those involved in four break-ins at Millburn Coleraine Primary School in Coleraine since the visit of Education Minister Caitríona Ruane. The school principal said that the break-in may have occurred because loyalist elements were unhappy with the recent visit of the Minister.

Cllr Barney Fitzpatrick said: “I am appalled at these break-ins and the reason why they may have taken place.

“It appears that some elements were unhappy at the Minister’s visit. As a result they burgled the school and steal the children’s laptops – how pathetic can you get?

“These incidents are distressing enough without the added potential of this dangerous element to them. If the motive for the break-ins were the visit of the Minister, this then it is an extremely sad indictment on our society.

“Millburn County Primary School, its Headmaster and staff were trying to reach out across the community and set a good example. They should be commended for their efforts instead of being punished.

“There can be no ‘no-go areas’ in Northern Ireland for anyone. This is not what the new Northern Ireland is about.

“This region is moving forward to a shared future and no thugs can stop this positive progress with their negative actions.”


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