Alliance anti-racism campaign gets big response at Queen’s University

Alliance Youth’s anti-racism petition was signed by over 250 people at Queen’s University Freshers’ Fair today. Head of Alliance Youth Conrad Dixon has said it is vitally important that young people have a voice and he said that the petition calls for the First and Deputy First Ministers to bring forward the Cohesion, Sharing and Integration strategy urgently. Amongst others, David Ford and Anna Lo attended the Freshers’ Fair.

Conrad Dixon said: “This petition gave students at Queen’s University the chance to shout with one clear voice that racism must be stopped, and we are extremely pleased with the response.

“We need action from the First and Deputy First Minister to introduce the measures necessary to tackle prejudice in our society. It is a disgrace that after the events involving the intimidation of Romanian families, this vital new strategy to crack down on racism and sectarianism in Northern Ireland has not yet been produced.

“We need to show young people that politics can work and that they should get involved if they want to make changes that impact positively on people’s everyday lives.”

Our petition can also be signed online at


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