Alliance anger at dog fouling group refusal

Castlereagh Alliance Councillor Michael Long has expressed anger at the rejection of his proposal at this month’s Technical Services Committee to set up a working group to look at how to reduce the problems of dog fouling in the Borough. In a recent TidyNI survey Castlereagh had the second worst record for dog fouling in Northern Ireland.

Cllr. Long said, “The recent survey clearly illustrates the fact that Castlereagh is not doing as well as other Councils with regards to this matter. In the past Alliance had proposed an increase in spending on the issue in order to increase staff and resources but Unionists refused to support this.”

“I therefore felt that it would be useful to set up a working group which could examine ways to improve the Council’s record on the issue by, for example, looking at how other Councils tackle this problem and how we as a Council could improve our record. To my disgust DUP and UUP and Councillors opposed what I consider to be a very positive, practical and common sense way of attempting to sort out the problem.”

“After previously highlighting the survey results I was criticised by other Councillors for attacking the work of Council staff; this was never the case- all I have ever asked for was that our dedicated, hard working staff are given a better chance to tackle this important issue.”


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