All paramilitaries need to leave the stage immediately, says Farry

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MLA has said all paramilitaries need to leave the stage immediately, after the Chief Constable said Provisional IRA structures still exist.

George Hamilton said although the group was not actively involved in violence or organised criminality, some of its structures still existed to “provide communication for the broader republican movement…and keeping so-called volunteers onboard with the peace process”.

“This assessment by the Chief Constable is the same as the PSNI’s judgement in 2015,” said Dr Farry.

“Despite the view the Provisional IRA is no longer involved in violence and criminality, it is disappointing there has been no movement in the past three years on the IRA leaving the scene completely.

“In the past few days alone, we have had loyalist paramilitaries dictating to residents what flags would be displayed on arterial routes and now the Chief Constable’s assessment the IRA still exists. It is 2018 – there is no excuse for any paramilitary groups to still be in existence, no matter what reasons are given.

“We need to see an end to all paramilitary activity and a move towards a culture of lawfulness. The continued existence of paramilitaries at all is at odds with that and we must now focus on the complete disbandment of all groups.”

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