All Constituency Offices and Centres Should Be Shared Space

Alliance Deputy Leader Stephen Farry MLA has stressed the importance of all constituency offices and locations for constituency surgeries being shared and welcoming venues for the whole community.

This comes in the wake of renewed controversy around the location of the constituency office of Sinn Fein’s MP Chris Hazzard in an office named after two prominent IRA men.

Stephen Farry said: “There are various means for people to commemorate those who lost their lives over the past decades. It is important that commemorations are respectful and do not celebrate the use of violence.

“Constituency offices and venues where elected representatives hold surgeries should be shared and open and inclusive to people from all backgrounds.

“Chris Hazzard’s use of this building for a constituency office is therefore not appropriate. Also other elected representatives in the recent past have not lived up to that standard.

“I would call on all elected representatives to reflect on these choices they make now and in the future.”

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