Alderdice to Contest North Down For Alliance

North Down Alliance Association last night (Monday 15th) selected Dr David Alderdice as their candidate for the forthcoming Westminster elections. His selection was uncontested.

David Alderdice is a Consultant Dermatologist by profession. A former Lord Mayor, he has served on Belfast City Council since 1997.

The Association also appointed Alliance Party General Secretary, Dr Stephen Farry, to serve as his election agent.

Speaking upon his selection, David Alderdice stated:

“Alliance is moving forward in North Down with confidence. We will be offering the voters a clear alternative – a different, progressive and radical vision of a shared future through a united community.

“We now have a very different situation in Northern Ireland compared to four years. While there is still much uncertainty regarding the restoration of devolution, all the parties, now including even the DUP, accept the fundamental principles of the Agreement.

“The battles within Unionism and within Nationalism have now clearly been won by the DUP and Sinn Fein respectively. Both the UUP and SDLP have become much more hardline in trying to match their extreme counterpart. The UUP are tired and lacking any clear strategy, while the SDLP have fallen, and have still further to go.

“The key issue is what kind of society we are to build in Northern Ireland, and what kind of future we will share.

“Therefore, the people of North Down will have a clear contrast between the forces of division and separation, and the voice of reason, moderation and inclusion.”

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