Alderdice commends business performance

Alliance Enterprise spokesperson David Alderdice has hailed annual business inquiry figures showing a 6.4% rise in gross value added by Northern Ireland businesses over the year. He said this proves there is strength within indigenous companies to create wealth given the right conditions.

Cllr Alderdice stated: “These initial government estimates on the performance of local business are extremely encouraging. It proves the quality of so many people working within our private sector, despite frequently difficult conditions.

“Although the services sector contributed disproportionately to the rise in value provided by Northern Ireland business, I note that manufacturing has done very well too.

“The contribution of both manufacturing and service sectors, and of local and foreign investment, is undoubted. We need to stop talking in terms of economic absolutes, and instead realize that a balanced economy is the best way to provide sustainable growth given the uncertainties of world trade.

“I congratulate local business on an excellent performance, and I trust our politicians will do what they can to make it easier for them to create the wealth and jobs we need.”


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