Alarm at Whitehill pipe-bomb fears

North Down Alliance Councillor, and Westminster Candidate, Stephen Farry, has expressed alarm that an unexploded pipe-bombs was left in the Whitehill Estate in Bangor.

Stephen Farry said:

“The abandonment of this pipe-bomb was firstly irresponsible. There was a real risk that children could have come across these while playing.”

“However, it is also a sinister development. One has to ask the question, why were these pipe-bombs made, by whom were they made, and for what purpose where they made?”

“Up until now, Bangor has been free from the scourge of pipe-bombs that is terrorising other parts of Northern Ireland.”

“I would congratulate the security forces for eventually locating and defusing this crude device, and hope that this problem is not spreading to Bangor.”


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