Ahead of results Lunn hopes for end to transfer crisis

Lagan Valley Alliance MLA Trevor Lunn has commented on the post-primary transfer chaos ahead of the release of unregulated transfer test results.

Trevor Lunn MLA said: “As the day approaches for the release of the transfer test results we can only hope that when the dust settles and our children hear their fate, most of them will end up in a school of their choice.

“Under the 11-plus system there were inevitably challenges and demands for reviews, and I fear that the organisers of this year’s tests may have to deal with many such demands. Parents who have seen their ten year-olds suffer the pressure of multiple tests in strange surroundings, having paid for those tests and perhaps extra tuition, may not accept a failure to access a grammar school. What is beyond doubt is that the appeals mechanism will be tested.

“The four party talks convened by Alliance will continue in tandem with our group of educator professionals to seek an agreed solution to the transfer crisis. Even by Northern Ireland’s standards this issue has been left to ferment into a potent problem for too long, and we hope to put proposals before the Minister, the Education Committee and the Executive as soon as possible.

“Our children do not need further uncertainty and this year’s combination of an unenforceable departmental system and a breakaway testing regime was never the answer. We can do far better for our children.”


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