After IMC report, Ford says UDA and UVF decommissioning is essential

Following the publication of the Seventeenth International Monitoring Commission Report, Alliance Leader David Ford has said that loyalist paramilitary organisations must decommission if they are to have any hope of convincing local people that they are ending their reign of terror.

David Ford said: “The UVF and UDA have to fully decommission if they are ever to convince people that they are serious about ending their reign of terror.

“Today’s IMC report confirmed everyone’s suspicious about the UDA being involved in the sickening shooting of a police officer in Castlemara estate in Carrickfergus on 21 July.

“Northern Ireland has travelled considerable distance down the road to peace; however, the journey cannot be completed until loyalist paramilitaries get rid of their guns.

“Simply saying that weapons and ammunition have been put beyond reach is not good enough. Unless guns are destroyed, people will always be living in fear. Only decommissioning can remove this fear factor and demonstrate that the UDA and UVF are serious about peace.”


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