Adams must publicly apologise for his disgraceful comments – Ford

Alliance Leader, David Ford, has criticised comments made by Gerry Adams at a meeting in Ennniskillen in which he described unionists as b*******s and said that equality legislation would be used as a trojan horse to gain a united Ireland.

David Ford MLA said: “I am appalled and disgusted at the disgraceful comments that Gerry Adams said on Monday night. It is completely unacceptable and only serves to create further division and hatred in our society.

“I have absolutely no idea why Gerry Adams could possible think that this language was justified. He has actually damaged equality legislation with his remarks. Gerry Adams must publicly apologise and retract these completely inappropriate comments.

“Sinn Fein were very vocal in their criticism of Gregory Campbell’s comments on the Irish language at the DUP conference, yet their Party President used comments that are far worse. John O’Dowd said that Sinn Fein would expel anybody who uses language similar to the comments by Gregory Campbell, so it will be interesting to see if they take any action against Gerry Adams.

“The past few days have shown why it is important that we create a shared society that is respectful and tolerant of all cultures and identities.”


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