‘Adair a waste of airspace’: Close

Alliance Finance Spokesperson Seamus Close MLA has hit out at a decision to transport convicted terrorist Johnny Adair to England from Maghaberry Prison by air in January.

The decision to fly Adair to Manchester by military helicopter cost taxpayers almost £10,000.

Mr Close said:

“Many taxpayers on the Shankill and elsewhere are struggling to make ends meet, yet here is a fascist thug being flown about as though he was ordering a taxi straight from Tony Blair.

“I would like to know who gave the order for Adair’s first class treatment, and I am writing to the Secretary of State to try and find out. If an order to transport him by air rather than sea came from outside the Prison Service, I would like to know, as one of those who paid for this trip, who made that decision.

“This convicted terrorist is known for his links to an organisation that has lived off misery through intimidation, extortion, blackmail and drug dealing. He is unlikely to be short of cash, and if he wants upgraded to first class, he should pay for it himself.

“The public knew Adair was a waste of space. Now he’s shown that he’s a waste of airspace.”

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