Acts of Completion Required From Republicans

Responding to Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams statement that the IRA are prepared to carry out a third act of decommissioning, Alliance Party Leader, David Ford, has stated that what is required is broader acts of completion.

David Ford stated:

“The preparedness of the IRA to conduct a third act of decommissioning is a small move in the right direction, but in the context of five years on from the signing of the Agreement, and the depth of the current political crisis, it is

not going to be enough.

“As defined by the Prime Minister last October, what is now required from Republicans are acts of completion. This entails an act of decommissioning that encapsulates the bulk of remaining arms and explosives, an end to targeting, paramilitary attacks, exiling, and attempts to control communities through intimidation and force, and a renunciation of the use of violence for any purpose.

“Republicans can no longer fudge the issue. Democracy and violence do not mix. A firm choice has to be made.”

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