Aceves-Cully welcomes Alliance gender equality figures

Alliance Spokesperson for Larne Town, Elena Aceves-Cully, has welcomed figures from the Northern Ireland Local Government Association (NILGA) confirming that the Alliance Party has the best gender equality figures among its elected representatives.

Mrs Aceves Cully stated: “Figures produced by NILGA confirm that the Alliance Party has by far the best gender balance of all parties represented in Councils across Northern Ireland. This is also reflected in the make up of our representation in the Northern Ireland Assembly.

“Women remain significantly under-represented in politics at all levels in Northern Ireland. I am delighted that the Alliance Party, in reflecting its commitments on a shared future and equality of opportunity for all, is leading the way on addressing this.

“Clearly the figure for female elected representatives even in our party is still some way short of 50% — a figure which is quite possible, as proved in Scandinavian countries. We will continue, however, to encourage strong participation of women in the political process at all levels.

“I would encourage other females to take a bigger role in local issues and local politics. By doing this we can prove that women can make a difference in society and improve everyone’s quality of life.

“To coin a phrase — we have a lot done, a lot still to do.”


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