A2 costs revealed and Dickson says upgrade must go ahead quickly

In a letter to East Antrim Alliance MLA Stewart Dickson, Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy has indicated that the estimated cost of the A2 road upgrade in East Antrim has now reached £59 million. The Minister explained that £4 million has already been spent on consultancy fees and that £500,000 has been paid towards advance geotechnical and archaeological contracts. This leaves the cost of completing the scheme at approximately £54.5 million. Additionally, the Minister revealed that £12 million has been spent on the purchase of 25 properties in the area. Mr Dickson said that given the high demand for the upgrade and the amount spent already, it is crucial that the A2 upgrade goes ahead quickly.

Stewart Dickson MLA said: “While this vital upgrade is delayed, A2 users continue to face the daily misery of heavy traffic and a long commute.

“There can be no turning back now. Given the large amount of money spent so far, the Minister must give serious consideration to proceeding with the scheme immediately.

“The difficulties encountered by the proposed upgrade of the A5 support the argument that it is more sensible to prioritise the A2 scheme, which is ready to go as soon as funds are made available.

“As a representative of East Antrim and a member of the Regional Development Committee, I will continue to stress to the Minister the importance of pressing forward with the upgrade of the A2 and the benefits of doing so in relation to the local economy and our infrastructure.”


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