A second referendum on terms of UK exit from EU should be held, says Bradshaw

A second referendum should be held on the terms of the UK’s exit from the EU, Alliance South Belfast Westminster candidate Paula Bradshaw has said.

Ms Bradshaw said although Article 50 had now been triggered, the Government’s seeming desire for as hard a Brexit as possible meant any deal between the UK and EU relating to Brexit should be subject to public approval before being accepted.

“Brexit will be the most damaging event the UK will have seen for generations. The consequences will affect everyone but they will be particularly felt here in Northern Ireland, given our unique circumstances. It has already been recognised we will need a special deal to protect our status under the Good Friday Agreement.

“That’s why we also believe we should see another referendum on a choice between any deal the UK negotiates and the option of staying in the EU. Alliance was staunchly Remain in the EU referendum but this is not about overturning democracy. We recognise Article 50 has been triggered. However, people’s attitudes have markedly changed as the truth about Brexit and just how harsh it will be for our economy and public finances, as well provision of health services and education, becomes clear.

“Avoiding a hard Brexit, supporting a second referendum on negotiations and achieving a special deal reflecting Northern Ireland’s particular circumstances will help us avoid the lasting damage to our society and our public services we will otherwise see.”

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