9 “United Community” Assembly members announce cooperation agreement

The seven Alliance Party MLAs, Dr Kieran Deeny and Brian Wilson have announced that they will formally cooperate on business in new Assembly. All members of the group will chose the designation “United Community”.

Alliance Party Leader David Ford explained: “We have had an outstanding election result, not just for the Alliance Party. The positive result not only saw Alliance gains, but also the return of Kieran Deeny and Brian Wilson.

“The Alliance result was delivered on a platform of uniting the community, and it makes sense to work with those closest to us. People have said that they expect politicians to co-operate. We have taken the first step by forming a strong, coherent and constructive opposition.

“We have no doubt that those who gave us our increased mandate would see this as the right thing to do. It is now up to the parties who have said that they will take seats on the Executive, to do the same.

“This cooperation agreement, between those of who are the progressive future, signals our intent to take on the tribal parties, and deliver a new brand of politics which works for everyone. We have been elected with a mandate to deliver, and we intend to do so.”


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