25 more apartments for Holywood Town Centre over intensification of use, says Alliance

North Down Alliance representatives have expressed strong concerns about plans to build twenty five Apartments on the Downshire Road in Holywood.

Plans submitted would see a Gospel Hall demolished to make way for a significant Apartment complex involving seven one bedroom and eighteen two bedroom Apartments.

Commenting on the plans North Down Alliance MLA Andrew Muir said: “I am concerned to learn of plans to squeeze such a large development onto a relatively small site and would urge the developer to reconsider whether such a scheme is appropriate for the area in question.

“This is a clear over intensification of use all too common around Holywood which cannot be allowed to proceed without amendment. I’ve requested a meeting with the Applicant to discuss plans and hope they will be open to listening and addressing real concerns felt locally.”

Holywood and Clandeboye Alliance Councillor Gillian Greer has also expressed her concerns about the planning application, commenting: “I am very worried about the density and additional vehicles that would be exiting onto an already busy road and hope these plans can be revised as they are clearly unacceptable in the present form.

“I look forward to meeting the developer and would urge swift review and amendment of the plans as we seek to retain character of Holywood Town Centre rejecting yet further cramming of properties into an already tight space.”