Leisure centre closure “unacceptable” says McDonough Brown

Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown has said it is “absolutely unacceptable” that the local community has lost access to Avoniel Leisure Centre for a third day. Users are currently being stopped from using the site after bonfire builders blocked the entrance in an attempt to stop the illegal bonfire being removed from Council land. Emmet […]

Paramilitaries should not be in control in 2019, says Alliance

Alliance Councillor Emmet McDonough Brown has said it is unacceptable for a paramilitary group to be holding a community to ransom in 2019. The Belfast Councillor made the comments after a special meeting of the Strategic, Policy and Resources Committee on Wednesday afternoon heard PSNI concerns that the UVF was threatening violence if the bonfire […]

People should be angry at biggest two parties over leaving key decisions to Westminster, says Bradshaw

Alliance MLA Paula Bradshaw has said people should be angry at the biggest two parties once again shirking their responsibilities and leaving key decisions to Westminster. South Belfast MLA Ms Bradshaw was speaking as MPs debated legislation to extend the timeframe in which the Secretary of State has to legally call a new Assembly election. […]

Kelly says forced closure of leisure centre totally unacceptable

Alliance Titanic Councillor Michelle Kelly has said it is totally unacceptable Avoniel Leisure Centre has been forced to close temporarily after debris was used to block the entrance. The rubbish was placed across the entrance to the centre, forcing its closure today (Sunday). It is believed to be in relation to the bonfire on the […]