Hunger strike rally problems strengthen case for neutral stadium – Alliance

Alliance Party Sport Spokesperson, Cllr Michael Long, has said that the issues raised by the use of Casement Park for a republican hunger strike rally have strengthened the case for the creation of a neutral national stadium for Northern Ireland. Cllr Long’s statement comes in the wake of Lord Laird’s comment that Sunday’s rally sounded the death knell for the national stadium project.

Cllr. Michael Long said: “The fact that a republican hunger strike march took place at Casement Park on Sunday has underlined the need for a neutral national stadium for Northern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland needs a stadium which is free from the shackles of political connotation. We need a stadium which can be used by all sports, and it must be an attractive venue to all supporters from every background.

“The new national stadium must be able to attract people to watch sporting events which they may not have felt able to attend at other venues previously.

“Alliance is strongly opposed to the use of Casement Park for political rallies and we will continue to oppose such events being held at sports stadiums.”

Michael Long concluded: “Windsor Park and Casement Park hold wider political connotations for many people, therefore we need a new national stadium which everyone feels that they can go to.”


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